Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1939 in Kiev (Ukraine).
1958  Entered the Kiev State Conservatory (Opera-Symphony Conductor department).
1963  Graduated the Kiev State National Conservatory.
1966  Entered the Magistrate of the Moscow State Conservatory (Opera-Symphony Conductor Department).
1968  Graduated the Magistrate of the Moscow State Conservatory.
During the education process was already engaged as the conductor to the several orchestras in different cities of the USSR.
1967  Among 10 young brilliant conductors from all over the USSR was invited to the Conductor High Performing Art Course founded by the Ministry of Culture and conducted by the world known French conductor Igor Markevich
1977-1990  Engaged as the conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra of the Cinema Music, specially invited by E.L. Khachaturyan.
During this period makes many sound-tracks to the filmsa, cartoons and records albums of the famous composers and singers. Among them are the well-known names such as Alfred Shnitke, Sofia Gubaidullina, Edison Denisov, Ekaterina Kozhevnikova and many others.
At the same time makes the concert-tours all over the country and abroad, conducting the symphonic music always with great success.
1990  Becomes the main conductor of the first private orchestra after Perestroika, founded by Stas Namin Musical Center. This new orchestra named the Moscow Symphony Orchestra composed of about 80 high-class musicians. Due to Stas Namin`s efficient management and Konstantin Krimets tremendous energy and talent orchestra activity was the most successful at that time.
1991  Tours around Great Britain with the Electric Light Orchestra  Part Two starting in Wembley Stadium, London.
1992-1995  Together with the Britain Cromwell Production company creates the 12-parts video Music Maestro, featured the music by Bach, Hendel, Vivaldi, Motzart, Grieg, Dvorzhak, Chaikovskiy and others. The TV-version of this work is being purchased in more than 70 countries all over the world.
1993  Makes the successful tours to the Finland, Spain, Germany.
1993- Begins the cooperation with the Japanese company Toei. Since that period to the present days makes more than 60 original recordings.
1995  Creates the International Symphony Orchestra Globalis
1995-1996  Works with the famous Austrian composer Roland Baumgartner.
1996  Performs Messa Passis Symphony at the opening of Broukner Festival in Lince, Austria.
1997-2005  As the invited conductor makes the successful tours to Hong-Kong, Makao, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Yugoslavia, Malta and others.
1998-2002  As the invited conductor cooperates with Presidential Symphonic Orchestra and many other different orchestras in Turkey, making the concert programs of the classic and contemporary symphony music.
2000-2004  Conducts the concerts with Japanese famous composers and singers.
2000-2005  Together with the Japanese recording company makes the World Ballet Music CD-albums collection.
2001-2006  Conducts concerts and recordings together with young rising singer star of Russian origin Alex Prior (GB).
2004  Conducts the concert in the Big Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory dedicated to the 145-year of the founding of the Russia Music Society (created by empire Romanov family).
2005  Together with the British Andrew Lowe-Watson composer makes the recording of the Trafalgar opus in memory of the Trafalgar battle.
2005  Conducts the concert of the contemporary Japanese composer Fujiwara Ikuro in Moscow in the Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Music Hall.
2005  Becomes the free-lance conductor of the self-created International Music Center Maestro.

Konstantin D. Krimets is one of the most brilliant and expressive conductors of the now days. He is well-known not only in Russia, but also in 36 countries, where he performed his genius concerts. Including the Soviet period he made more then 500 original recording. More than 400 original CD-albums produced in cooperation with such countries as Germany, Grate Britain, Austria, Canada, USA and Japan were conducted by Konstantin D. Krimets He has the tremendous sense of music and the talent to perform the high-tension, reach in nuances and very precise sound. Due to his experience of the work with different national orchestras in many countries he can find the quick way to make contact with the musicians.